Digitization on Boards III: Executive Summary

As digitization is reshaping business in the most fundamental ways, there are major gaps between knowing and doing. Especially in non-tech organizations, digital representation at board level has remained low over the past few years. And in the background, young, agile digital organizations will continue to consume the market share of legacy players.

The digital picture is out of focus and multiple questions still surround its purpose and implementation. As one CDO told Amrop: “Amazon is eating up our market share every day. We still protect our traditional business, instead of focused investments in digital initiatives.”

Still, there is everything to play for. As non-technical organizations continue to face difficulties in bringing digitization alive and fulfilling its vast potential, this study takes a look behind the scenes of non-tech companies as experienced by the people at the forefront of change.

To sharpen the digital picture, we surveyed 159 C-suite digital leaders to discover exactly what factors are getting in the way of progress. And indeed, what can help organizations move forward: the guiding lights in the fog.

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