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Welcome to Amrop’s blog! Why another blog? It’s simple: exchanging views and taking a clear-eyed perspective is core to our role as advisors to our clients and candidates. This is what we do. This blog brings input fresh from the frontlines to your desk. We take a view on the burning topics affecting leadership right now – laying the ground for What’s Next. Throughout, there’s one underlying principle: we strongly believe that nothing in today’s world has greater influence than the ethics of a leader or governing body. Amrop’s mission is ‘shaping sustainable success through inspiring leaders’. So in that spirit, we wish you an energizing read!


The coronavirus is continuing to profoundly re-shape the economic, organisational and societal landscape. But also the way how we lead and direct organizations has changed drastically. Italian management was mostly determined by hierarchy, control, rather top-down mentality than equal start-up atmosphere.


Our colleagues in Singapore have not left the country since March. A hub of Southern Asia, Singapore is experiencing some of the world’s strictest Covid 19 regulations. What can leaders learn from its example?


For generations, theorists have been grappling with a mind-bending question: “What does excellent leadership actually mean?” They’re not alone. Our profession has also been busy improving competency models for several decades, embedding them in their organizational contexts.