Alfonso de Goyeneche

Alfonso de Goyeneche is a Partner in the US of Amrop Seeliger Conde

Alfonso de Goyeneche is from Madrid, Spain. Since 2012, Alfonso has been a Partner in the US of Amrop Seeliger Conde, one of the world's largest executive search firms & leadership recruitment partnerships. He is the Head for the Americas of the Financial Services practice group at Amrop. He is also the President of the US - Spain Council, which is now based in Washington D.C.

Having lived in the United States for over 17 years, formerly Alfonso was the Managing Director of the investment bank Ahorro Corporacion Financiera International and before that he was the Executive Director for the US-Spain Council as well as Executive Director for the Spain United States Chamber of Commerce.

Alfonso has served on the board of a number of companies including Indra USA, Eurocofin and ACF Intl. He has also served on the boards of some key non-for-profit organizations including the Florida 500 Years Foundation, the Spain United States Chamber of Commerce and the Art Basel Miami Beach Host Committee. He has a degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge.