Antonio Cuccuini

Antonio Cuccuini joined Amrop Italy as Partner in 2021.

Since the beginning of his working life, Antonio has invested in developing and refining his people and organization management, spanning from family businesses to big multinational in various and diverse industries.

After the first steps in an international engineering and cement group, he joined the Ares Serono Group, currently Merck KGaA, as HR Director Italy, with the added responsibility of Market Research and Business Intelligence, then HR Director Worldwide of Menarini pharmaceuticals.

He continued developing his career within the life science industry, first in Aventis Pharma Italy in Milan, focusing on sales effectiveness, running successfully the merger with Sanofi and coaching global talents towards GM’s positions, then in Bristol Myers Squibb Italy as Country VP of HR.

He moved to Alitalia as VP of Industrial Relations, covering then the role of VP of Organization. In 2014, he was appointed as Chief People Officer. At Alitalia he performed three major restructuring and change projects and the internationalization of the management structure.

After a role of VP of Human Resources in the railways industry, he developed a consultancy activity in the organizational development and change management.

Antonio holds degrees in Law, from the University of Florence and the University of Alcalà de Henares – Madrid.

He speaks Italian, English and Spanish fluently.