Arja Laara

Arja Läärä is a Partner at Amrop in Finland, Helsinki.

Arja Läärä is known for her strong experience and expertise in executive assessments, strategic resourcing, management audits and leadership development. She has executed a vast number of recruiting processes, leadership assessments, psychological profiles and leadership development projects over the years. She is enthusiastic about helping her clients to grow their business by searching, identifying, assessing and developing talents and leaders.

Arja has over fifteen years of experience in strategic resourcing, assessments and business consulting. She has history of executive and partner roles in a Finnish human resources consultancy company and senior consultant role in an executive search company. In addition to business responsibilities, her experience covers human resources, key account management, customer relations, sales and marketing roles. Arja has been working several years in a Management Team and as a member of Boards.  She has a strong experience in business development in expert organizations.


Before joining Amrop in May 2017, she ran successfully business as an entrepreneur in company of her own. Her clients are leading Finnish and international companies in a variety of business, for example, in retail, energy and forest industry, service sector, health care and finance.  

Arja holds a Master of Science (Psychology) degree from the University of Turku. She has participated several courses and certifications of consultancy, coaching and psychological assessment methods. She has a Qualification of Occupational Health and she has completed an Advanced Management Education, as well as a Board certification.