Denis Verteletsky

Denis Verteletsky is a Partner at Amrop in Ukraine.

Denis has broad experience working in the Consumer & Retail, Banking and Logistics sectors.

As a CFO, he was a member of top management teams at Auchan-Ukraine and Comfy - a consumer electronics retailer, ranked among the Top 3 in Ukraine. He held the position of Sales Director at Intertop (#1 shoes & apparel retailer in Ukraine) and BNP Paribas Personal Finance (Ukrsibbank, Kyiv). Prior to joining Amrop, Denis held the position of Chief Customer Officer at NovaPoshta (#1 express delivery company in Ukraine).

His background in digitalization of business models, customers interaction, development of corporate and management culture, participation in such projects like BlueOcean Leadership, Management 3.0, implementation of various gamification techniques in sales, participation in products development under SCRUM framework help him to speak the same language with clients and provide high quality services.

He has graduated from Kiev State University of Economics with bachelor and master degrees.

Denis is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English.