Mika af Hällström

Mika af Hällström is a Partner of Amrop in Finland.

Mika’s work experience is from the Automotive and Wholesale industry in national and international companies where he held senior positions in sales and marketing and was a member of the executive board. Mika joined the Executive Search Industry as senior consultant in 1999 and has been a senior partner since 2006.  Industry specializations are Pulp&Paper, Marine, Food and Manufacturing Industry in general.

He has concluded over 300 assignments and several top management positions in Finland and abroad.

Mika af Hällström is a Member of The Finnish Association for Human Resource Management and has been an evaluation member of the National HR contest. Mika af Hällström graduated from the Helsinki Swedish School of Economics (M.Sc. level).

In his free time Mika is active in project choirs and keeps up his piano talents as accompanist in different occasions. Four grown up children still keep him busy as a help desk in numerous topics. He is fluent in Swedish, Finnish and English.