Steffi Gande

Steffi Gande joined Amrop in 2012 and is based at the Worldwide Secretariat in Brussels.

Steffi is responsible for the development and implementation of Amrop's global branding and marketing strategy, with an emphasis on content marketing.

Steffi also acts as an internal consultant to Amrop's local Marketing representatives to help bring out the best in their marketing strategy and operations, assuring adherence to Amrop's brand quality standards across all media and client/candidate touchpoints.

A firm believer in collaboration based in dialogue and feedback, Steffi seeks to synthesize the best practice of member firms into initiatives benefiting the whole group.

Steffi's career, which began in the magazine industry in the UK, has focussed upon B2B marketing communications, devising and implementing distinct, cost-effective and sustainable strategies to help companies to stand out in overcrowded and commoditising arenas. Prior to joining Amrop she was Co-Head of Research and Marketing Manager for Krauthammer, an international consultancy-based training and coaching organization targeting C-Suite executives and senior HR strategists.

An English native, Steffi is fluent in spoken and written French and near-fluent in German.