Angela Pasma
Angela Pasma
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Angela Pasma is Partner Health & Life Sciences at Amrop in Amsterdam. She joined Amrop in 2020.

The reality in which we work today is layered and circular, that has become clearer than ever. The challenges facing the health & life sciences sector are complex. Connection and affiliation is desperately needed to move forward and 'together' is the only path leading there. We need to look further and gain deeper insight into what is needed to evolve. Merging perspectives will enable us to create a holistic view of an organization and the course that is required for growth.

The perspective I can ad to the equation comes from my extensive and varied (international) knowledge and experience in the health & life sciences industry (private & public sector). This is the origin of my commitment to my clients. Together with my clients I create value for their organization in the field of leadership issues – both in mature and emerging organizations. My affiliation with the sector and with my clients’ business ensures my dedication. I believe excellent leadership can strengthen motivation, involvement and the performance of their organization.

My biggest strength is my understanding of the dynamics in both start-up and scale-up organizations. I have held executive and senior management positions in small, medium and publicly listed organizations - in and related to this industry. This has made me intrinsically interested in their field, expertise and market environment. As a result I have a natural urge and need to ask more, listen better, understand and feel what’s going on. Since I have been in my client’s shoes more than once I can quickly identify with their reality. My experience as a leader ensures my ability to envision 'what's not on paper'; I can quickly diagnose what stands in the way of progress and what is needed to switch to 'what's next'.

Working like this makes my relation with my clients automatically close. My talent to empathize with my client’s business is dependent on a reciprocal relationship. Being involved creates a solid base for mutual value creation. And more important it’s fuel for the pleasure in my daily work. You can feel it when this happens. Working together. Growing. Sharing. Building. That feeling when you know you make a difference. That’s what makes a heart beat faster. You can only move forward when the right things come together; when it all clicks. We flourish when my clients and me succeed, as a team, in creating the optimal synergy.

Change is something you do together.