Trond Mjaaland
Trond Mjaaland

Leadership Advisory


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Psychologist, Ph.D., Trond Mjaaland brings in a new way of thinking as well as a new way of practicing leadership development, and adds significant capability in leadership advisory services to Amrop's Oslo office.

Trond has extensive experience in facilitating behavioural change, both on the analytical level being the academic he is, but first and foremost on the didactical level.

He engages clients in communication skills training, influence enhancement practice sessions and leadership simulation.

Trond has a track record in consulting starting in PA Consulting Group in 1995 via Accenture, Cubiks (development of psychometric tools) as well as in his own HR consultancy firm until joining Amrop Norway.

In addition, he has been an entrepreneur in the field of post graduate training of health care personnel in medical communication skills.

His research and other academic work regard verbal methods in order to elicit information, gain trust and get impact.