AI/Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics

Technology was once restricted to a privileged few. Today it has democratized and is almost universally available. Its remaining limits are not imposed by engineering, but by humans.

The customer is now in the driving seat. She or he must be addressed in innovative, highly adaptive ways - in terms of what he or she buys, and how he or she is served.

Data-driven executives, their teams, and vital individuals are already playing a pivotal role – one whose importance will only increase. The best are skilled at unearthing and assessing trends, turning insight into foresight. They know how to tap into the behavior of multiple audiences, to communicate and get closer to them in a mutually beneficial way.

In this fast-moving world, they juggle multiple perspectives to make decisions that are not only smart, but sustainable.

Big Data in particular has now moved beyond analytics. It has evolved into a whole business culture, one which impacts strategic decision-making via data-driven operating models. It is no longer just about processing high volumes of data, or dealing with automation technology. Rather, companies are facing a bigger challenge still - how to apply these developments to organizational transformation, in the right place, at the right time.

Not only will data, AI and machine learning shape the future of markets, they will create a new kind of workforce, unlocking individual potential and the power of teams.

Are your executives ready?

In the face of rising demand, we are observing serious shortfalls in mathematical, technical and analytical profiles. And if academia is fast adapting to this new reality and developing programs to send the next wave of talent into the market, the question remains: how well can these new executives apply their theoretical knowledge to the business context?

Amrop has helped clients to place top-level Chief Data Officers, Data Scientist Leads, Heads of Big Data, Managing Directors of Analytics, Heads of Data Science, and AI/ML lead roles across the spectrum of fast-evolving industries. From Telecommunications, Banking, to High Tech, Consulting and beyond.

Our dedicated team of consultants has built deep relationships with a wide range of skilled and innovative candidates and academics around the world.

We are ready to equip you with the Leaders For What’s Next – outstanding professionals who can make the most out of the new business opportunities that data, AI and ML will bring.