If digitization is disrupting and transforming business at both the global and domestic levels, nowhere is the change being felt more keenly than in the customer interface. And the pace of that change is accelerating year on year.

The exponential spread of digital has created a host of options for consumers. Information is exchanged in nanoseconds and today’s consumers are increasingly in control. With this new landscape comes new complexity. Bricks and mortar, online and omnichannel organizations alike are fighting to anticipate and meet customer needs – cheaper, faster, better. Yet many are kept back by legacy infrastructure, with strategies and whole organizations in a continuous state of change, and ownership often fragmented and unclear. 
When it comes to getting e-commerce to fly, perhaps the biggest leadership challenge lies in mobilizing the whole company towards creating an exceptional digital customer experience. From business support functions to all customer-facing employees. It means directly linking process and business performance, engineering strategic and operational targets that enable management and employees to align their work around measurable customer lifetime value. Furthermore, Make, buy or partner decisions call for different leadership skills. Where – and how - can these be found?
At Amrop, we work with clients to unpick this complex web of challenges and to place the leaders who are best-equipped to bring their organizations into a winning position. We guide our clients from different industries, regardless of size, to attract e-commerce Leaders For What’s Next from around the globe. 
Whether your organization is in start-up or maturity phase, Amrop will support your needs with its worldwide expertise in this arena.
We help companies which are running their business digitally or would like to transform to online platforms, to position e-commerce leaders and Non-Executive Board recruitments with a digital background.
The portfolio spans a range of sectors:
  • Retail (Textile, Consumer Electronics, Department Stores, Consumer Goods)
  • Banking
  • Automotive
  • Technology & Online Business
  • Services

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