Media & Entertainment

The Media and Entertainment environment is complex. Contributing factors include the sheer spectrum of players, from creative start-ups to mature multinationals, and specific consumer demands on distributed content, in terms of language, usage, content volatility, emotional factors, and beyond.

The media and entertainment world has been hit by the digital revolution in the most fundamental way, and stands on its frontlines. The breakthrough of broadband communication networks, the explosion in handheld home access devices such as smartphones and tablets – these are all driving the transition of providers towards medium-independent content distribution.
Questions leaders in the sector now have to answer relate to the choice of technology platforms, the approach to content creation, release management and community activation, as well as the set-up of alternative, borderless distribution channels and new, often digital, payment models.
Amrop Digital prides itself on dynamism: an agile, connected and forward looking global organization positioned to support our clients’ quest for Leaders For What’s Next – exceptional professionals able to surf the turmoil that is reconfiguring the media and entertainment marketplace. 
Not only must these leaders be digital-savvy, they need the bandwidth to contribute to strategic discussions where technology is in play. To do so in a way that is both pragmatic and far-sighted. Offering a competitive overview that embraces technology, innovation, continuous improvement and customer insights. 
We have supported companies active in multiple media and entertainment sub-sectors: traditional broadcasters and print companies on the path to digitization, telecom operators in becoming triple-play players, online gaming and location-based service providers in managing their breakthrough processes. Finding and integrating qualified people who can make the difference between preserving the right to play and defining the new rules of the game.