Telco stands at the vanguard of major digital disruption. Competitive boundaries are shifting as core voice and messaging businesses continue to decline in the face of regulatory pressures, the opening up of new communication channels by OTT and Social Media, and fierce direct competition.

Over the last decade, Telco organizations have built networked matrix-based and often siloed organizations, integrating processes with third party suppliers, and developing M&A teams to enhance product portfolios and capabilities. Recent focus has been on innovation, while maintaining an efficient utility mindset. The industry has leveraged global mobility and tapped into a global talent pool able to develop powerful competences.
These responses notwithstanding, the changed market conditions have led to a 6% average annual decline in global Telco revenues over the past 5 years. Emerging technology and new competences are beginning to dominate the landscape as Telcos reinvent themselves to focus on new digital solutions: Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Cyber Security and 5G network technologies will rewrite the industry’s winning formula.
Bold thinking and actions from executives are required to transform these legacy Telco businesses. Digital technology can help streamline business functions and enhance the customer experience, reducing costs and lifting profits.
Amrop is well-versed in the attraction of the functional areas that will help you build seamless omnichannel sales, true e-care and digital processes in customer relationship management – talent that is still scarce and hard to find. 
With extensive experience in the Telco sector, our global coverage and context driven methodology ensures Amrop is the best partner to provide global and regional solutions in the pursuit of Executive talent acquisition to address digital disruption.