Scale-Up, Venture Capital

Hypergrowth companies differ from traditional players in multiple ways. In the digital world in particular, a hypergrowth player can surge from 20 to 400 employees in just three years. It can transform from local start-up to market leader serving clients and customers all over the world, in less than six months.

Such impressive growth trajectories lead to equally impressive leadership challenges. Founders need to leapfrog from one problem set to the next on a seemingly daily basis if they are to stay ahead of the game. From leading through others, to presenting to venture capital investors, to taking tough decisions when realizing that the original team has been outgrown: this is the landscape of digital hypergrowth.
Digitization, as we know only too well, disrupts. It also enables, as the best new players rapidly gain market share and excel. Amrop has been fortunate to assist several Unicorns on their journey through digital hyperdrive. 
We bring experience from the following sectors:
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • E-commerce and Retail
  • Telecom
  • Gaming and Betting
  • Media
  • Industrial
Amrop Partners have built their businesses and reputations in local markets, connected worldwide within the flexible, collaborative and quality-driven Amrop organization. Agility and entrepreneurship are in the Amrop DNA. Our local/global approach makes us an unrivalled partner for fast-growing companies. 
As the largest executive search partnership of its kind, Amrop offers access to over 50 markets in all continents and is well-positioned to support our clients’ greenfield penetration. Expect global industry experts with local market knowledge, working across borders, together with you. Always with an emphasis on a sustainable leadership result - one that will continue to deliver high performance over time.
Our offer spans Executive Search and onboarding, Market Talent Mapping (also for investors), and Leadership Services. Our Leadership Services team are always included in Leadership Assessment and team development assignments.