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Bridging Worlds - Amrop Germany Delivers Executive MBA Module at Zürich University


How does a professional musician transfer his or her skills to a senior management role in a high profile performing arts institution? From the rigors of a musical score and the exacting demands of a conductor and audience, how does one deal with the rigors of the competency- and value-based interviewing techniques of executive search professionals? How do the Boards of institutions go about designing their profiles for top executives, and beyond topline job specifications, what do they seek on a meta-level? How can the people who cross over from the performance to the management domains of performing arts world craft a distinctive and relevant business case?

Sabine von Anhalt, Managing Partner of Amrop Germany's Berlin office, has unparalleled experience of the domain. In 2002 she joined the Board of Patrons in an honorary capacity as Treasurer of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, one of Germany's largest opera houses. The Board of Patrons supports fundraising programs, new opera productions and young singers for the Deutsche Oper.

Sabine is part of a vibrant network in the opera scene, and recently led a cross-border Board assignment in the field.

It was on the basis of her dual perspective: as a senior executive search professional and representative of the world of opera, that Sabine was invited by the University of Zurich to be Guest Lecturer on the University's MBA in Arts Administration. The three-day module was designed and delivered by Sabine and Ulrich Beckendorff, to a class of 35 participants.

"This is a fascinating and unusual audience," Ulrich Beckendorff added. "Rather like the inauguration of the Amrop Düsseldorf office, it was a true meeting of arts and business and one which allowed Amrop to access a new target group and support their career shift in a new and surprising way."