N Fellowship | Navigating What’s Next

By connecting talented, entrepreneurial computer engineering students with forward-looking CEOs at dynamic companies, N Fellowship endeavors to equip engineers with a view from the top, and to expose CEOs to ambitious new ideas. Igniting innovation by leveraging technology.


N Fellowship is a high-profile, international exchange platform, giving sharp-minded students access to established businesses and their leaders, and giving senior leaders access to the brightest new ideas on the planet.

N Fellowship is a unique ‘reverse-mentoring’ internship program, matching top-level computer engineering students from Tier 1 universities with the CEOs of some of the world’s most vibrant organizations. In the spirit of reverse-mentoring, the program involves an 8-10 week summer placement at the workplace of the CEO, as a Junior Digital Advisor.

N Fellowship is the brainchild of an exclusive collaboration between Amrop, one of the world’s largest executive search partnerships, and Nav Talent, a young US-based organization that helps talented engineers and high-impact startups navigate the technical recruiting ecosystem.

Our process applies rigorous selection methodologies to achieve the very best match between young engineering talent and senior leaders drawn from our select global networks. We will help you to set clear expectations upfront, and prepare the terrain for the unexpected.

To date, all participating CEO’s have confirmed that they would gladly repeat the experience.


This is an unrivalled opportunity to have a high-impact next-gen innovator taking a fresh view of specific parts of the organization’s business over a short time span.

Students can initiate and/or participate in specific projects (e.g. big data, augmented reality, process innovation, artificial intelligence, etc.).

CEOs benefit from direct input of future-oriented technology ideas, while students benefit from direct exposure to a senior leader in a complex business environment.


CEO profile: forward looking, visionary leaders who recognize that What’s Next might spring from the most unlikely places. Not afraid to be challenged by new ways of thinking and new ways of finding solutions. Willing to give some ‘face time’ to a talented young intern.

Student profile: selection based on technical, business and entrepreneurial profile. International exposure, evidence of innovative thinking. Hands-on mentality, a ‘challenger’ profile, with maturity and presence.

As Junior Digital Advisors, N Fellows:


  • Shadow the CEO
  • Consult or initiate internal technical projects
  • Share insights on new technologies
  • Propose new approaches and processes
  • Data dive
  • Ignite innovation


As hosts to N Fellows, CEOs:


  • Share relevant strategic and technical challenges and context
  • Introduce the N Fellow to relevant colleagues and project teams
  • Allow access to any pre-agreed data/information (under strict data protection protocols)
  • Are open to unexpected ideas and disruptive approaches
  • Prepare to process any concepts potentially adding value
  • Engage in a formal de-brief upon completion placement


Organizations: please contact your closest Amrop office or consultant.

Students: visit our program portal here.