The corporate philosophy of Amrop Jomon Associates is to encourage the changes occurring in the corporate society by bringing together companies eager to make a contribution to society, with talented business people possessing an entrepreneurial spirit.

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate encounters between individuals and companies, who share the same values, ideals, ambitions, and management principles, for their mutual happiness, prosperity, and success.

The executive search business in Japan is still in the early stage of development. Consequently, most executive search firms have mostly worked for foreign companies with operations in Japan to fill their management positions.

At Amrop Jomon Associates, in addition to serving foreign affiliated companies in Japan, we have successfully penetrated the core business society, and our client base is therefore highly diverse, in terms of size, industry sector, and geographical locations. Our vast network and substantial list of contacts allow us to tap the deep pool of talented individuals, desiring to break free from the hierarchical structure of traditional Japanese companies, and to serve many different types of companies, domestic and foreign alike.