What motivates leaders to join one kind of organization, and avoid another? What are their deeper criteria for career decisions?
Digital leaders are key members of executive teams. As such we can consider them jointly responsible for organizational growth.
In Chapter 3 of our series exploring the journey to the boardroom, we map out the executive search world. How is the profession evolving, and what still needs to improve?
Privacy and discretion are sacred within executive search. As a result, clients lack a clear view of the profession. They are quickly inclined to regard headhunters as a 'necessary evil'.
Italy is the world’s eighth largest economy and the third-largest national economy in the European Union by nominal GDP.
The trend towards ‘techno-nationalism’, where a nation relies on its own resources to become a leader in AI machine learning and other crucial strategic tech areas, is fully underway.
From the 2008 financial crisis, to the tsunamis of digitization and machine learning and Covid-19, life for leaders has never been more complex.
As the COVID-19 lockdown in China was the first to ease, the world watched keenly for lessons learned. Meanwhile, a new balance between executive role experience and competency is emerging.
The best global Boards understand the importance of reflecting their organization’s diversity; their employees, consumers, shareholders and their wider communities.
To say that many non-tech organizations are struggling with digitization is probably an understatement. Implementing digitization at the right time with the right results is a huge task.