What motivates leaders to join one kind of organization, and avoid another? What are their deeper criteria for career decisions?
In Chapter 3 of our series exploring the journey to the boardroom, we map out the executive search world. How is the profession evolving, and what still needs to improve?
In Chapter 2 of our series exploring the journey to the boardroom, we focus on discovering early-stage talent — the Leaders for What’s Next.
Motivation is a complex - and vital - subject. Several researchers have sought to explain its influence on human behavior. We’ve all heard of one theory or another.
“The pandemic acted as a catalyst for changes that were already underway in the world of work.” Maria da Glória Ribeiro, author of “People With Talent, Like Us”, shares some clues on how to build a me
The best global Boards understand the importance of reflecting their organization’s diversity; their employees, consumers, shareholders and their wider communities.
Surprising though it may seem at the current time, senior executives are continuing to accept job offers, and are getting to sit in their new chairs for the first time.
As the first country to be hit by Covid-19, and having experienced an intensive lockdown, China has taken the lead in finding ways to keep key activities running.
In his pursuit of a new role, Patrick had dealt with five executive search firms and his experience had been less than positive.
A venerable multinational is forced to search in unusual places to reverse a creeping decline, and emerges stronger than ever.