Executive Search

La búsqueda de talentos directivos en el mercado laboral mexicano no se mueve por mayores inversiones, sino por el reemplazo de quienes no dieron resultado.
In his pursuit of a new role, Patrick had dealt with five executive search firms and his experience had been less than positive.
Executive search consultants are extremely discreet; their clients and candidates need them to be.
Amrop has been confirmed as a top executive search player in Romania by reported financial results.
Any credible career should follow an uninterrupted, upward trajectory, or so the assumption goes.
Leaders for What Was, for What’s Now and for What’s Next – as Amrop celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017, find out what Amrop Partners, young entrepreneurs and senior business thinkers have to say
A director role is no longer filled by calling around your network. A big pool of talent is found in unexpected places. You need to know how to find it.
Günther Tengel, Managing Partner of Amrop Jenewein in Austria, discusses traditional job descriptions and the question of whether the system of the working world is toppling, or evolving in a relative
The war for leadership talent, combined with pressure on executive compensation packages, is a challenging mix for hiring organizations.
It has become nearly impossible for boards to deny the importance of effective succession plans for their CEOs. The topic has been surveyed and case-studied to death.