Talent Strategy

Leadership assessment sits at the very heart of the talent management landscape. It is extensively (and enthusiastically) deployed by executive search firms and organizations.
“You think I respect your opinion when your hairline looks that disrespectful?” This is the battle cry of ‘OK boomer’— a movement by Generation Zers and young millennials against the older generation.
The banking sector is a major driver for socio-economic and environmental change.
What motivates leaders to join one kind of organization, and avoid another? What are their deeper criteria for career decisions?
In Chapter 2 of our series exploring the journey to the boardroom, we focus on discovering early-stage talent — the Leaders for What’s Next.
Motivation is a complex - and vital - subject. Several researchers have sought to explain its influence on human behavior. We’ve all heard of one theory or another.
Stepping into a high profile leadership role, especially in an unfamiliar culture, can be a discovery process that is as challenging as it is fascinating.
Italy is the world’s eighth largest economy and the third-largest national economy in the European Union by nominal GDP.
“The pandemic acted as a catalyst for changes that were already underway in the world of work.” Maria da Glória Ribeiro, author of “People With Talent, Like Us”, shares some clues on how to build a me
Working from home: the concept moved in, unannounced, with Austrian companies across the board in March 2020, as an emergency pandemic plan. It’s probably set for a prolonged stay.