Talent Strategy

Italy is the world’s eighth largest economy and the third-largest national economy in the European Union by nominal GDP.
“The pandemic acted as a catalyst for changes that were already underway in the world of work.” Maria da Glória Ribeiro, author of “People With Talent, Like Us”, shares some clues on how to build a me
Working from home: the concept moved in, unannounced, with Austrian companies across the board in March 2020, as an emergency pandemic plan. It’s probably set for a prolonged stay.
Historical ties and an understanding of multiple different cultures make Austria, and its capital Vienna, the gateway to Central and Eastern Europe, and home to the headquarters of over 600 internatio
The best global Boards understand the importance of reflecting their organization’s diversity; their employees, consumers, shareholders and their wider communities.
The world has been forever changed by COVID-19, and the commercial real estate sector is facing an unprecedented threat.
Despite recent advances, the approach to mental health and wellbeing at work is still a burgeoning topic for many organizations. Covid-19 has disrupted routines and office-based working environments.
As business emerges from a punishing lockdown, how can the engines be re-started, especially when there is no clear operating manual?
Surprising though it may seem at the current time, senior executives are continuing to accept job offers, and are getting to sit in their new chairs for the first time.
Are you or your staff in isolation? As the coronavirus escalates, let’s take a look at what being grounded might be doing to your mood, and how to lighten the mental load.