Neural networks, inspired by our brain’s architecture, are scoring spectacular successes in gaming and pattern recognition.
A runaway streetcar is moving towards five people lying on the track.
Intelligent behavior has long been considered a uniquely human attribute.
As a rule, management positions at larger asset managers and private banks are only reached by people who have a practical track record, or training, in digitization.
The pressures surrounding digital disruption and security are intensifying. And the digitization debate is gathering pace.
The journey to digital, from the way you’ve always worked, to the way everyone else is beginning to work, can be viscerally shocking.
Despite Germany’s pioneering role in developing 3D additive production techniques, and their adoption by the country’s larger players, top management in many of the companies who supply those organiza
In a fast-changing digital world, the successful businesses will be those that demonstrate adaptability and embrace innovation.
The concept of MP is high on the corporate strategic agenda, impacting people’s daily lives. Individuals and organizations able to surf the waves of change are members of a privileged generation.