Managing the Global Flow

Today's Leaders seek an ever-widening breadth of skills to tackle the challenges they face, and competition is intense to attract leaders who can successfully guide companies along the course of change and transformation. Driving this development are ESG demands, new technologies, digitalization and vertical integrations and more.

Measured on sustainable success, our clients seek a new breed of leaders: outstanding professionals with a triple focus on sustainability, technological solutions and environmental stewardship. Businesses are now intensifying their quest for C-suite and board diversity regarding demographics and future-shaping leadership.

Our Approach and Focus

Amrop's approach blends deep local market expertise with global resources to support local, regional, and international talent deployment.

Our structured approach to Executive Search, Board Advisory and Leadership Advisory services offers extensive knowledge of key sector professionals and trends and a top-level client and candidate network. 

Organizations are only as strong as their multicultural and multigenerational workforce. We identify leaders to fit your context: your culture, organizational structure, and strategic goals

Sector Specializations

Being a more regional sector, having the right leadership is more important than ever for rail organisations. They operate in a fast evolving environment that is influenced by industry consolidation, an increased focus on digitisation, high importance of cyber-security and last but not least increasing urbanisation. Our consultants are deeply involved in those topics and can add substantial value to our clients in a search process.


Globally, 70% of all goods are transported by road, which makes trucking a substantial factor in Supply Chain & Logistics. This sub-industry is challenged by fuel costs, improved customer service, government regulations, environmental issues and technology strategies and implementation. Therefore recruiting experienced and forward-thinking executives can make all the difference in winning in this highly competitive environment.

Our consultants know where to find the right skill sets and mindsets in order to make a winning difference for our clients.

3Maritime & Shipping

A truly global sector, the maritime & shipping industry is today tackling a number of urgent challenges. Alongside geopolitical shifts, shipping companies are facing huge technological changes including rapid digitization and the opportunities and threats posed by AI. At the same time, there is a global imperative for improved sustainability within the industry, which has made a commitment to a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. 

With our consultants based in major shipping hubs across the world, the practice brings together one of the most experienced teams of Industry experts within any global executive search and leadership firm.