Partner Perspectives: The Case for Sustainable Board Evaluation

Today’s emphasis on wise (ethical and sustainable) business practice raises questions surrounding the current approach to board evaluation. To what extent is it supporting ‘sustainable Board governance’?

The core issue is how to transcend conformity or box-ticking in board evaluation. To move from a smart, to a wise approach. Asking whether as a Board you’re satisfied with sticking to the letter of the codes, or striving for a higher level of moral excellence, also considering the spirit of those codes.

In this interview with Ethical Boardroom magazine, Andrew Woodburn, Managing Partner of Amrop Woodburn Mann in South Africa, sets out the case for a different approach to board evaluation, presenting a new model to help structure the route forward.

This interview originally appeared in Ethical Boardroom Magazine, Summer Edition 2019.

Sustainable Board Evaluation EB Mag


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