Valdo Kalm will become the head of Port of Tallinn

14.01.2016 Baltic Ports Organization

Valdo Kalm will become the head of Port of Tallinn. According to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Port of Tallinn Aare Tark, Valdo Kalm is a person with a long-term experience of a top manager of an international company and is a good choice for position of the leader of one of the most successful companies owned by the Republic of Estonia. “Strengths of Valdo Kalm include his long-term experience of managing one of the largest Estonian businesses that has changed with time great deal, as well as his widely recognized and irreproachable business background, good analytical skills and great strategic thinking,” Aare Tark comments on the choice of the Chairman of the Management Board.

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“Becoming the head of Port of Tallinn is a new and important challenge. I am highly motivated and prepared to contribute to development of the company,” says Valdo Kalm. Among his primary goals the new Chairman of the Management Board of Port of Tallinn sees restoration of good reputation of the company, development of its current major fields of operation and finalization of preparation work for starting operating the ferry traffic between Estonia’s largest islands and the mainland. “My goal is to strengthen Port of Tallinn’s position on the highly competitive Baltic market for carriage of goods and passengers. The basis of this is cooperation with employees, customers and partners of the company based on mutual trust”.

Valdo Kalm has graduated from the Automatics and Telemechanics Department of Tallinn University of Technology. In 1986 he started his career as a maintenance specialist of Tallinn Telephone Network, then he became the senior engineer and later the administrative and sales director. In 1997 he became a member of the management board of Eesti Telefon and since 2000 he was the chairman of the management board of Elion. In 2003 Valdo Kalm became the chairman of the management board of EMT and from 2007 until 2015 he was the chairman of the management board of Eesti Telekom ( TeliaSonera Group). Valdo Kalm is married with two children.

Ca. 100 candidates participated in the competition for the position of the chairman of the management board of Port of Tallinn: 35 of them submitted applications for the public competition and over 60 candidates were specifically selected by HR company Amrop.

Port of Tallinn is the biggest port authority in Estonia including both, cargo and passenger harbours. The state-owned company consists of five constituent harbours: Old City Harbour, Muuga Harbour, Paldiski South Harbour, Paljassaare Harbour and Saaremaa Harbour.

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