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WhatsApp Scam Alert

There are a number of phishing/scam messages being sent across WhatsApp, Telegram and other messaging apps, where the sender impersonates an Amrop employee, promoting fake jobs and trying to obtain your personal data.

If someone contacts you on WhatsApp claiming to be from Amrop and it appears to be a phishing message, we advise you to block the number and report the number via the app.

All Amrop employees conduct themselves in a professional manner and will never make any suspicious requests. 

You can read more about these scams here.

How can you spot a phishing message?

  • It’s a message that you weren’t expecting.
  • It comes from a number or email address you don’t recognize.
  • If it contains a link – avoid clicking it.
  • It offers unusual or unrealistic salaries or working arrangements.
  • They ask for money or personal details, such as your CV.
  • The message is poorly written and contains spelling errors.

We appreciate those who have forwarded us evidence of this scam. If you would like to report something to us, please reach out to info@amrop.es

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