Introducing our "5 Questions With" Series

Earlier this year, I penned an op-ed for the Globe and Mail titled If you’re serious about corporate purpose, start hiring for it. Over the past few weeks, I’ve thought back to this article often. As a leader working to support a firm and our employees through challenging times, I believe in the words from that article more than ever. Amrop Rosin has the opportunity and obligation to advance the conversation on finding leaders who can create a positive impact on the companies they lead and the complex world we live in. 

Since publishing our white paper on Purposeful Leadership, we’ve thought a lot about how to infuse this actionable philosophy into elements of our business. This is why I’m proud to share that our team at Amrop Rosin has gone out to find purpose-driven leaders in North America, interview them about their journey and highlight important insights on how Purposeful Leaders can show up for the people they lead and our greater society.

In the next few days, we will be publishing our first-ever “5 Questions With _____” article. All the individuals featured in this series are passionate leaders who understand how to balance the needs of people, the planet, and profits. In their own words, they will talk about navigating modern-day challenges while ensuring strong business results and leading with purpose. 

As we continue the conversation on Purposeful Leadership, I find that there is great value in sharing knowledge between people who seek to do good. As you read these articles, if you want to chat about how we are applying this to our business at Amrop, or know a Purposeful Leader with a story worth sharing, please get in touch. 

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