Finding Inspirational 'Leaders for What's Next'

At Amrop Rosin, we are deeply experienced at even the most complex Canadian and global searches, and have a proven formula for success.

You’ll get an extremely high level of interaction by senior leaders who are focused on building deep, sustainable relationships.

We cultivate an ongoing relationship embedded in your culture - in close contact with your CEO, leadership team and Board - to provide wise counsel to meet every leadership requirement.

New Leadership

Specializing in the C-suite, senior executive level roles and direct reports.


Leadership Succession

One of the most urgent, yet least understood challenges to future-proofing businesses. Succession initiatives ensure you have the right leaders and mentors today, and a well laid plan to leadership for tomorrow.

Activist Shareholders

Shareholders who demand changes to the CEO or Board Of Directors.

Build for Success

Assess the fit and alignment amongst your CEO, leadership team, and Board.

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