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To ensure the effectiveness of multi-country and international search assignments, Amrop leverages the strength of its global network and local market expertise. Our context-driven approach to executive search helps our clients find Leaders for What’s Next – top talent and adept at working across borders on markets around the world.

Amrop researchers and consultants assess market availability, use comparative benchmarking and find top C-level executives who will deliver beyond expectations and become a perfect cultural fit with the organization.

The context-driven process includes:
1Planning & Insights

Context Assessment: Following extensive client consultation, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the organization, its business goals, corporate culture, and specific requirements for the appointment.

Context Brief: We define assignment objectives and develop an “ideal candidate” profile. Simultaneously, we produce supporting communication and executive job promotion materials to attract the very best potential candidates.

Contextual Intelligence: To fuel C-level search, we conduct an extensive background analysis and gain additional insight into fast-changing markets’ and candidates’ needs using Amrop’s networked structure.

Search Strategy: We agree on the specific search universe with the client, which often calls on profound contextual experience and creativity. This critical step predefines the executive search solutions.

From Disruption To Daylight Digital Change

Initial Contact: Throughout the C-suite search process, we keep clients informed of progress and findings. Amrop screens potential candidates, examines their qualifications, verifies past performance and background, assesses motivation and personality, and appraises strengths, weaknesses, and threats. We provide comprehensive candidate reports with recommendations for those who best meet the specifications.

Candidate Meetings: We thoroughly interview candidates who meet the CEO job requirements of the Context Brief to ensure their suitability and motivation to continue.

Lets Make It Happen Keys For Candidates

Negotiations: Both client and candidate draw on our vast reservoir of knowledge in market compensation and benefits to discuss and structure a competitive and equitable package.

References: Amrop conducts a 360o reference check to verify and clarify the candidate’s professional achievements, background, ambitions, and personal characteristics.

Handholding: We maintain an ongoing dialogue with the candidate and the client to ensure smooth integration into the organization and ensure performance goals.

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