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Successful leadership takes many forms. Today’s leaders must navigate in rapidly changing global environment in answering the critical life-cycle questions: How do we build teams? Who are our ‘Leaders For What’s Next’? What skills do we need to execute our mission and business model? Strategy, structure, culture, and people are all vital elements of accountability.

Taking the right decisions at pivotal moments requires insight and teamwork. We have a long-standing track record in identifying, assessing and developing executives and their corporate context. The solid experience of our consultants is supported by a proven set of tools and approaches.

1Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment is a structured, comprehensive, and tailored evaluation to assess C-level and middle-level managers’ leadership competencies and benchmark the company’s executive team against the current market.

Amrop’s methodology provides a thoroughly professional analysis of each executive’s strengths and weaknesses from an external point of view. That adds considerable value to any decision-making process while serving as an objective platform for feedback.

Amrop helps businesses define strategically critical areas for CEO jobs, evaluate the current potential of executive and non-executive professionals by exploring and connecting crucial contextual dimensions from the company’s strategy and culture to the internal and external needs of the candidates.

While Leadership Assessment adds value at any time, our experience shows that business most often asks for this service in following situations:

  • Identification of high potential
  • Mergers, acquisitions & due diligence
  • Unsatisfactory results or key persons leaving the company
  • Reorganization
  • New CEO
  • Filling management vacancies and promotion
  • Identification of competence gaps and focus areas for key executives’ training and development
  • New strategic development or business diversification

Based on over 7000 assessments, Amrop has built insight into multiple assessment tools and constructed a robust portfolio. As a result, every Leadership Assessment solution is structured and tailored to each assignment to align with the client's objectives flawlessly.

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2Leadership Development

Leadership is at the core of a great many businesses. This calls for a rethink of organizational design. Therefore, it should be paired with business strategy, rather than being subordinated to it. Skilled leadership is needed to transform our organizations to be fit, through a process of building new capacities, structures, and ways of working.

Amrop helps businesses shape their strategy by gaining access to top executives with vast expertise that are able to use the company's assets to achieve business goals. Moreover, we will guide your business to create workflow and processes that improve leaders’ and teams’ performance.

Amrop partners with companies and non-commercial organizations to enhance their leadership capacity, helping executives and management teams to become more effective and aligned with each other and offer better leadership and relationships within their teams and organizations. We worked with generations of leaders across industries to help them grow, transform their organizations, and drive their businesses beyond expectations.

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