Exceptional leaders for every eventuality

Our mid-management practice is focused on building strong relationships with future leaders, ensuring that leadership and continuity trickles down to all levels of organizational planning. Our future-forward method to staffing hinges on diversity and inclusion as a catalyst for business growth.

A highly connected talent pool

We have tight-knit connections to top talent across many verticals; consumer goods, retail, agency/digital, financial services, industrial/manufacturing, and technology. Utilizing a similarly nimble approach, our mid-management differentiation lies in leveraging the premium focus and rigour of a top-tier executive search firm and delivering a consistent service to an emerging role, typically in non-executive positions

Our Strategy

Differentiated Process

Careful consideration on networking, pre-screening, candidate profiling and reference checking.

Built for Success

A tailored approach guarantees candidate fit, retention and client satisfaction.

Embracing Diversity

Advocating for diversity, equality and inclusion.

Supporting Future Leaders

Searches include Manager, Director and VP.

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