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About Us

Amrop Rosin is a high-touch, authentic search firm that works in true partnership with you. We embed ourselves in your organization to become your trusted advisor, and help you secure an outstanding leader with impeccable credentials who will embody the values of your organization and solidify your growth.

Our strategy:

  • Being bold and asking the tough questions
  • Unearthing clarity and transparency by understanding your short and long term business plans
  • Profoundly understanding your organization holistically, starting with the values that underpin it
  • Using creativity and agility to address highly complex – sometimes volatile – situations
  • Advocating for diversity, equality, and inclusion

About Amrop Global

We are proud to be part of the Amrop Partnership, one of the world’s largest leadership and executive search consultancies, with offices in more than 50 countries and a global team of more than 500 professionals.

Over the past four decades, Amrop has built a reputation for our focus on quality, talent and agility. At the heart of our business is a deep connection with our clients. Our goal is simple - to help our clients shape sustainable success and be prepared for ‘what’s next?’.

Our global partnership is distinctive, created over many years by bringing together top local independent search firms across the world. Our strength lies in our collective expertise and track record, rooted in local responsibility and spanning a global network of senior consultants.

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