We help clients identify and appoint Independent Directors who fit to the organizational and business contexts of our clients’ firms. This process helps optimize the composition of organization’s Board. It ensures that it consists of an appropriate balance of members, who can offer their expertise and experience, and they not only represent, but are also fully oriented in the organization and apply their knowledge and experience in corporate governance. Our Context Driven Board and Supervisory Search process uncovers existing gaps in erudition, experience and political or commercial positioning of the current Board Members. It also addresses the specific requirements for specialist skills, as well as the potential need to match existing management strengths. Candidates are identified based not only their own skills and suitability, but also on the requirements and objectives of the client. Worldwide Amrop group collaborates with reputable companies in the field of improvement or replacement of Board Members and Supervisory Board, and also helps emerging businesses in setting up organizational Boards, that are both appropriate to the aims and core business of the company as well as being compliant with Governance rules and regulations.

How can we help you?

Board Search

Director by director, we help our clients define the best possible board composition, creating dynamic and insightful boards. Identifying strengths and analysing gaps in demographics, mindset, skills or diversity, we find leaders who make the difference between success and failure in today’s fast-moving environments.

Board Evaluation

Today’s most successful boards are diverse, high-performing teams that are more than the sum of their individual parts. For peak performance, good governance and investor confidence, evaluation is a central factor. Every board must demonstrate its ability to manage risk, leverage opportunity and position the organization for success.

At Amrop, we have developed a complete board evaluation process: a collective evaluation, focus on individual members and a board review and roadmap. As part of this, Amrop’s Board Evaluation Tool (BET) is a user-friendly and pragmatic online instrument to optimize board performance.

Board Advisory

Alongside search and evaluation, we actively support the internal management of boards: benchmarking for external review, building strong board frameworks and advising on compensation, benefits and compliance.

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