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Management Assessment is a tool to help ensure the long-term competitive strength of organizations. It provides a strategic view to a client’s Talent Context—the resources, development needs and capacity to deal with key strategic issues. As a result, our clients are much better placed to understand and plan for issues of leadership and succession planning. Management Assessment allows companies to benchmark their internal resources with the market on both a local and global level. Management Assessments are particularly useful in situations relating to changes in senior management, succession planning, mergers or acquisitions, identification of senior executive development needs and to highlight areas of organizational strength and weakness. Working closely with senior management at client firms, Amrop complements in-house knowledge with an unbiased, external view that reflects the latest business and management trends around the world.

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1Leadership Assessment

Over the past 15 years Amrop has established an executive assessment process that can be applied in a number of situations. From internal recruiting, to potential analysis and/or M&A contexts.

Our assessment team blends two axes: experience in business and in leadership assessment. When staffing our assessor teams, we consider this diversity of experience and perspective to be key.

Our clients know us for our trustworthy and thorough approach. We care for the people who are assessed. We believe in the value of communication - in preparation, during the appraisal process and in the feedback phase. We want everyone involved to feel they have been treated with respect and consideration.

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2Leadership Development

We are experts in leadership and know what it takes for individual leaders and leadership teams to fulfill their full potential and create future oriented, sustainable and successful organizations.

We offer to our clients a broad range of services to develop and grow, not only individual leadership capabilities but also the team’s effectiveness.

Our approach is highly individualized and customized, understanding both, the leader´s personality and experience as well as the organization’s aspirations and needs. Beyond individual or team coaching, we help organizations setting up leadership development and succession planning processes, tools and programs to ensure leadership excellence for the long run.

3Organizational Design

Our holistic understanding of organizational design goes well beyond a narrow focus on span of control, layers and boxes.

We understand our clients’ strategic direction and ambitions and are their partners for a successful and sustainable transformation journey. We help them build an agile structure adapted to strategic intention that provides space for innovation as well as strategy deployment.

We facilitate the cultural shift and support and advice in creating a strong leadership team and a strong succession pool. Without losing attention from running the business – as it often happens during transformations - but ensuring operational excellence as well as efficiency improvements.

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