Your Leadership Team Is The Lifeblood of Your Organisation.

Armed with the right mix of personalities and complementary skills, it is the prime business success factor. We activate the full potential of leaders, via assessment and development, succession planning and onboarding, diversity, equity, and inclusion


Successful leadership takes many forms

Getting it right means rethinking organizational frameworks: unlocking potential, assessing and developing the competencies that matter. Enabling leaders to steer organisations through uncertainty and stay ahead. As agile leadership grows in importance, we understand the specific set of competencies involved.

1Leadership Assessment

Amrop has established an executive assessment process for several situations: from internal recruitment and analysis of potential to M&A contexts. Our work blends two axes: business and leadership. Our clients know us for our trustworthy and thorough approach. We care for the people assessed. We believe in communication - in preparation, during appraisal and feedback. We want everyone involved to feel they have been treated with respect and consideration.


The first months of any job present opportunities and pitfalls. We act as an objective advisor, based on our knowledge of your newcomer and organisation. We help the new entrant to surface and solve deep-rooted challenges, to navigate into the role, team, and organisation. Expect results along three axes. First, profit: impactful results, the transformation of team and organisational perceptions. Second, alignment: the new entrant quickly understands and adopts your organisation’s values and objectives, gaining trust. Third, commitment: your organisation can see your executive’s growth mindset, conflict resolution skills and confident proactivity.

3Succession Planning

We work with you to ensure that your 'Leaders For What’s Next' are in a position to step up. We will discuss your strategic axes, the best possible team and the skills they’ll need. We help you to identify your most promising internal successors, using objective and consistent criteria. If necessary, we will extend to external candidates. Benchmarking the two groups enables us to highlight coaching areas for your internal successors.

4Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity Equity and Inclusion are prerequisites of a high-performing organisation. Good organisational design fosters contrasting viewpoints and eliminates bias from the ‘ideal’ executive profile. We advise you on how to create a growth mindset for your organisation. One that contains a spectrum of profiles, encourages all to contribute and constructively challenges assumptions and perspectives.

Discover the DE&I leadership program here.

5Sustainable Leadership

Sustainable leadership has risen to the top of the corporate agenda and companies are under relentless pressure to deliver. Yet we tend to forget that a company is not, in itself, a decision-maker. Behind companies, there are people, who make decisions on an hourly basis. This is why corporate ESG starts with the individual: the sustainable leadership style of each decision-maker. Our sustainable leadership program is a guided forum enabling peers from organisations to share experiences and best practices. Thanks to powerful learning interactions, participants unlock insights on developing a personal sustainable leadership style. Individual by individual, this creates the shift to a responsible organisation.

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