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We are a proud partner of Tree-Nation, which works to plant trees in various parts of the world and is an official partner of the United Nations Environment Programme. Through this platform, we hope to provide a deliberate solution to the problem of deforestation.

Trees are important world pillars for both humanity and the environment. They benefit us by cleansing water and air, as well as improving social circumstances. They help the environment by providing habitat for numerous types of species and enriching our soil. We are concerned with restoring and preserving biodiversity in order to avert mass extinction. As part of our Earth-wise plan, Amrop Luxembourg plants trees in a variety of reforestation projects, for each assignment we undertake.

Discover the Plant to Stop Poverty project in Tanzania where we plant trees which help rural communities practice agroforestry and fight against prevailing poverty and climate change effects. This method of producing food and income guarantees security while forests are restored and protected through tree planting.  

Our Pledge on Climate Change

We believe in leading with purpose. Our Executive Search and Leadership Advisory practices continually identify and work with leaders through their commitment to social responsibility, and sustainability. With Amrop's global model of Sustainable Leadership, we help fill the 'purpose gap' in your business.  


Sustainable Leadership Program

Sustainable Leadership has risen to the top of the corporate agenda and companies are under relentless pressure to deliver. But companies do not make decisions. Their leaders make choices that engage their organizations. Discover our certified program

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