About Employer Branding Index

Amrop Latvia is conducting large-scale survey on employer image and branding taking into account top Baltic companies from all levels of employees - from high level executives to the general audience.

The Baltic Employer Branding Index is designed as an integrated empirical study to measure key aspects of "employer brand" image among potential recruits and to provide reliable data for managerial decisions in developing a more consistent employer brand image in the recruitment market.

Unique Points of the Amrop Latvia Survey

1Significant Number of Participants and Coverage

The Baltics study database consists of nearly 7 000 respondents - from ordinary employees to CEOs and board members, across a variety of industries and specialties. Amrop Latvia database in the Baltics has evolved over a few decades and includes over 30 000 professionals and executives.

2In-Debth Analysis

EBI provides both quantitative and qualitative data analysis including more than 40 different employer branding related factors for the 300 largest Baltic companies. Factors that are important to your target audience are analyzed in various segments and categories.

3Comparison with Competitors

It helps you to understand what makes your potential employees choose you as employer and reveals your competitive advantage in front of competitors. In-depth data analysis allows for a thorough comparison with up to 6 other companies (upon your choice).


The method has been elaborated by applying various international studies to Baltic context - it has been carefully developed to be practically applicable as a tool for evolving employer branding.

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