During the needs analysis the client’s needs and the profile of the position to be filled are assessed in detail. We optimise this core information using our knowledge of the company’s current position on the market. We then define the target industries and target companies.

In the research stage, the market is systematically screened. Additional target companies and individuals are identified and additional market information is prepared for our clients. Here we add candidates from our database, which contains more than 40,000 profiles of executives and specialists and is constantly updated and expanded. At the end of the research stage, a long-list of potential candidates is drawn up, discussed and agreed with our client.

During the selection stage, the potential candidates that have been identified are contacted by us in the strictest of confidence with a view to getting their interest in the vacant position. In the subsequent interviews with the candidates we verify their professional qualifications and social skills, appraise their successes and achievements and analyse their motivation. This information is then summarised in detailed confidential reports and we draw up a short-list of the candidates we consider to be the best suited.

During the presentation stage the reports and the short-list are submitted to our client. Selected candidates are then invited to initial interviews with our client – we coordinate these meetings and are also happy to attend them if we are requested to do so. Following the interviews we discuss each of the candidates in detail with our client, evaluate them and rank them. With the consent of the top-ranked candidates we then obtain references.

In the final stage, we support our clients and the chosen candidate during the contract negotiations – both sides can rely on our experience and knowledge of the markets here. Once the position has been successfully filled, we maintain contact with our client and the new employee during the first year, both to ensure the newcomer integrates well into the company and to support both sides with the achievement of their goals.

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