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1Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness supports professionals with leadership responsibilities, companies and employees in a very special way:

  • Tailored evaluation of skills: Objective – to achieve business goals & implement corporate strategy
  • Personalised specialist feedback for managers – based on the individual Leadership Report
  • Linking the relevant life cycles of organisation & people – focusing on seven growth phases
  • Focusing on the feasibility of recommended measures – using personal development plans
  • Know-how transfer to the CEO, top management & human resources – via joint implementation support, including implementation checks

Regardless of the reason for change, leadership effectiveness begins with listening, then analysing the individual needs of the company. Mutual understanding is the basis for joint success.

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2Management Team Audit

  • Are you sure you know your own executives?
  • Do you even have the right executives?
  • What does your management team need specifically to be successful?
  • Which skills will actually be needed in your industry in the future?
  • Are you driving the development of your company or the market?

A management team audit is an efficient tool for analysing the skills and potential of teams of executives within your company environment. The goal is to effectively focus management resources on the company’s strategy and on current business issues.

A management team audit carrried out by professionals with a feedback loop deepens the management’s ties to the company and helps to make planning with regard to future executives more reliable.

3Key People Review

If you are taking on a CEO or management position – especially as an outsider – you might well ask yourself the following questions. Who supports my strategy? What skills do I see? Who can I rely on? Whose loyalty to the team must be won immediately? Who is preventing the company from developing?

A key people review is a tool for the “first 100 days” managing a company. It has been specially designed to pave the way for fast and direct decisions during management changes, pre- and post-merger phases, restructuring or takeovers. It covers the top decision-makers within the company, draws up a skills analysis of key personnel and provides a basis for developing short-term personnel change processes.

4Executive Positioning

  • Do you want to move your executive career in a new direction or are you planning a major professional change?
  • Are you looking for short-term professional support to help you prepare your new positioning?
  • Do you expect open feedback to give you greater clarity about your options?
  • Do you want to showcase the added value you can bring to your future role in a concise and targeted profile?
  • Are you looking for someone to support you in choosing the right industry and developing the necessary search and application strategy for it?

In three phases – evaluation, feedback and positioning – you can gain a clearer picture of your professional perspectives. Our team of experts boasts many years of experience in the relevant areas.


How can you ensure that newly recruited executives are successfully integrated and quickly become effective performers?

It is the first impression made by a company and its culture that determines the motivation, commitment and self-initiative that a new executive will show, and these factors have a significant impact on their productivity.

The trust we build with candidates during the recruitment process means we are ideally placed, in conjunction with HR, to assist with their optimal integration into the company. Support measures for onboarding are more than just a methodical approach; they require implementation concepts that have been customised to the individual company. In an onboarding report, we document the results of this process so that integration issues can be handled effectively in the future.

6Consultancy for Headquarters

  • How will your headquarter functions develop over the coming years?
  • How important are shared services to you?
  • Do you have relevant industry information regarding start-ups?

Do you already have a network of support professionals such as tax advisors, lawyers, lobbyists, estate agents and PR experts?

As the hub and centre of excellence for an entire region we possess both the expertise and extensive network of contacts needed to provide you with essential support as you develop organisational and operational structures. The search for a suitable management team is important, but often only one factor in your future success. Over many years, we have built up a network of professionals in all key fields. As part of our full service consultancy package you can enjoy access to all these specialist areas of expertise.

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