Amrop Norway’s Executive Search processes

Amrop Norway’s Executive Search processes consists of 4 main steps:

1. Company & Position Analysis
At the beginning of an Executive Search process, we perform several company and position analyses to ensure a comprehensive understanding of our client’s needs. In close cooperation with the client, we develop a requirement specification, a candidate profile, and a job description. This process often involves conducting meetings with key stakeholders to ensure we have the necessary understanding of the organisation culture, strategy, goals, visions, and challenges to attract the right candidates for the role.

2. Search Process & Initial Screening
Following the Company and Position Analysis process, we initiate the search for relevant candidates. Our research team are experts in the art of executive search and utilise the needed methods for the assignment. This may include: our network of resources internationally, and searches for relevant experience in selected industries, companies, roles, and specific knowledge or experiences and cultural fit. A ‘long list’ of screened, vetted candidates is presented to the client for discussion, and a selection of prioritised candidates are invited to a confidential conversation with our consultant.

Alongside the executive search process, we assist our clients in developing job advertisements, selection of media plans, and promoting advertised roles in relevant channels.

3. Candidate Evaluation Process
After selecting prioritised candidates from the ‘long list’, these candidates are invited to a conversation with our consultant. In this meeting the candidate's competence, experience and achieved results, as well as their motivation for a new challenge is discussed. From these initial interviews, we carefully prioritise a few candidates who will meet the client. In these meetings the candidates will present their background, experiences, and results, as well as their motivation and fit for the role. In this part of the executive search process, candidates will perform ability tests and personality tests as key steps of the in-depth candidate assessment. For the final few candidates in the process we perform extensive reference checks from previous jobs and relevant experiences to confirm their performance achievements, leadership style and skills, their strengths, weaknesses and achieved results.

We perform original diploma and certificates checks as well as financial credit check where this is legally permitted and/or appropriate. If required or desired, we arrange background checks through professional subcontractors.

4. Pre-Boarding & Follow Up
Amrop can assist both the client and the candidate in compensation and benefits discussions for a market-based compensation package, based on our broad market insight.

After the best candidate is selected, we maintain contact with the selected candidate and client to ensure a smooth pre-boarding and integration into the organisation. Both parties are welcome to contact us at any point in time for discussions of any kind.

As a vital part of our quality assurance process, we also sit down formally with both client and candidate and perform ‘lessons learned’ sessions where we go through the process and discuss both success stories as well as potential areas for improvement.