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Many companies in Norway have started an international journey. This place requirements on the Board's ability to deal with additional market complexities, new competitive arenas as well as cultural differences. In addition, often comes a new flora of social, ethical, and moral dilemmas. Technological innovation gains momentum and the impact may have exponential effects. Traditional value chains are affected overnight and the competitive environment changes - today's competitors may soon be tomorrow's partners.

In such a landscape the Boards` role as an inspiring, competent and challenging sparring partner must be balanced with the necessary control and regulatory procedures. For many companies, it requires new members with the desired skills, competences, and insight.

Our expertise

Amrop Norway has extensive experience in recruiting chairpersons and board members for companies, businesses, and organizations. We can assist in the recruitment of individual positions as well as the complete composition of a board. Our advice will always be based on our partners knowledge of the company's business idea, strategy, operations and market situations.

Amrop also assist the election committee in board evaluations. We perform evaluations where criteria for the board's competence are evaluated, and we conduct mapping of the current board to document any gaps between existing and desired skills.

Through our international network and Amrop board practice group, we follow closely global trends in board constitution. Our global network in Amrop also gives us access to an extensive database of pre-qualified board candidates.

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