Human Resources

Throughout the years, Human Resources Directors have had had various job titles– People & Culture, People Operations, Human Capital, Employee Experience and so on. One thing is for sure, no matter the job title, it will always stand for the responsibility to be and keep others accountable to create the best environment for people to thrive and for leadership to emerge. The talent agenda should not sit only within one function, still the HRD should make sure they co-own the responsibility to bring over leaders, help them develop and give them space to deliver what is asked of them. The stake, up until a point, was to get HR in the Executive Board; now that they’re there, they need to spice up their expertise with business knowledge, digital capabilities, while having a clear steer into the future, seeing trends in business but also in social and human behavior.

HR for us is a stakeholder, a dialogue partner, a gateway in the company, hiring manager and candidate at the same time. With consultants having hands on experience in HR, we are their trusted adviser, coach, executive search provider, while also a challenger and a sounding board. We thrive on contributing to business growth by helping appoint and develop HR Officers who stand out from the crowd.

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