We like to know where we stand. Together.

That is something we instill in our clients and candidates as well - knowing oneself and one's company. We first recommend an X-ray - where do your strengths sit? Where is the window of opportunity? These aren't questions for "served-on-a-silver-plate" answers, but offer a chance to find together the potential responses. Thus, you find the focal point in terms of development - for you, your team, your company. And that's where the journey starts, and by no means, ever stops. That's the beauty of it.

How can we help you?
1Leadership Assessment

We believe that people can be assessed against job competencies and company values, what are their strengths and what is the room to grow. Still, we avoid putting candidates into boxes, judging them - there is no right and wrong, no black and white. When it comes to people and roles, it’s just a matter of fit – to the company, the role, the moment in one’s career.

The assessment process should be looked at a powerful insight – for the candidate to see one’s strengths & development needs & for the company to have a clear perspective on what enables performance & culture, and what might stand in the way.

Our Leadership Assessment Product Suite will not only help you develop existing executives, but choose to onboard executives with specific assessed competencies, either to upskill what you currently have within the organization or to fill in the gaps you have found when assessing the inside talent.

2Leadership Development

We've had for quite a while now front seats view to what it takes for individual leaders and their teams to create sustainable businesses. Thus, we know how to tailor our services to our clients needs to develop leadership capabilities and also teams.

As we are context driven, we take time to understand the leader's personality, experience and goals, organization's culture and strategy. Making the best use of our assessment tools, with our expertise and intuition, we create development programs, succession planning processes which ensures leadership continuity and effective teams for the long run.

3Organizational Design

We do our research and take our time to get to know your business, your current organization design and the direction you are driving your company to.

We then shape together the right organization structure, aligned with mission, vision, values and business imperatives. We also provide a snapshot of which would be the internal capabilities you needed, and what is the gap between as is and to be. Since our core business in executive search, we do that always having in mind what are the trends in the industries and the great professional out there open to get on board.

Thus, what you could get from various other players in the market, we offer in one hand: organization design, current talent assessment and search for the leaders needed to carry on the transformation.

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