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We know our business very well. Getting to know yours, helps us better match your company with the talent in the market.

Understanding context demands insight into local conditions – knowing how to get things done on the ground.

Through us, Amrop clients have access to the very latest research and information on markets, talent availability and candidate expectations. We source leaders within markets and across borders, applying the first-hand experience of industry sectors that is critical to success. With 66 connected offices around the world, we know the world like our own backyard.

In recruiting, we deploy state-of-the-art resources, our contact network and databases, combined with industry-leading, structured research techniques. 

Amrop researchers and consultants assess market availability, use comparative benchmarking and find candidates who not only have the required experience and expertise but are the correct cultural fit with the organization. A senior Amrop partner is involved in every search assignment until its successful completion.

In multi-country and international search assignments, we leverage the strength of our global network. Typically, a project team comprises consultants from countries where the search is being conducted. They understand both the local and global context in which the search will take place. Consultants with specific industry expertise are also involved. Multi-country assignments are coordinated by a lead consultant who acts as the primary interface with the client.

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