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Value Proposition of Amrop Global & Azerbaijan
1The client faces the decision makers

Amrop offices are locally owned businesses whose entrepreneurial mindset permits partners to interact with customers as decision makers. The partners:
1 – Are the “owners” of the project
2 – Do create the strategy
3 – Do lead the execution

Because a single point manages the overall process, the client does not confront a non-executable or difficult-to-execute strategy, nor does it faces any complexity as well.

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2All the searches are led by Senior Partners

All of our requested searches are managed by partner-level consultants with senior attention throughout the entire search process. We assign search tasks to senior consultants to address every assignment with the same level of seriousness and seniority, regardless of whether the organization is a Fortune 500, Global 500, local conglomerate or a smaller one.

Our experts are located in Azerbaijan and projects are not delegated by other offices, as a consequence we treat each project with the utmost priority.

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3Local consultant means understanding of local conditions

Amrop Azerbaijan is a great example of the concept of "glocality." Amrop operates on a global scale while staying aware of the importance of local conditions and culture.

Our consultants are local experts who have a comprehensive understanding of the region, including its highest priorities, pain points, growth areas and more.

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42 assignments per consultant per month rule

Our top priority is quality.

To preserve quality, Amrop Azerbaijan strictly adheres to the norm of taking no more than 2 concurrent projects per consultant each month. This can be expanded to a maximum of 4 projects if the client is the same and the projects are nearly similar. This allows us to concentrate on the role, company, and requirements with a deep focus.


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5Very few global off-limit enables targeting of more candidates

Executive Search firms around the world uphold the industry's highest ethical standards. One of these regulations prohibits approaching any employee of the client for a specific amount of years.

When a worldwide executive search company collaborates with multiple companies in different countries it may challenge the local project. This means a local client has fewer options regarding the "headhunting ground" when search is started.

But Amrop reserves very few global contracts as off-limits, hence Amrop Azerbaijan's off-limits policy applies to local firms.

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6Our agile approach

Amrop describes itself as an agile executive search firm focused on global growth champions. We comprehend the changing and evolving world, and as a result, we adapt ourselves with our agile attitude and entrepreneurial spirit.

We work cooperatively, efficiently, and flexibly to develop change-ready leaders who can assist prepare your organization for what comes next, with a focus on the individual needs of the customers.

Being agile means we know who we’re talking to, can anticipate their needs, and can come to them with ideas and solutions based on a real understanding of their business.


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7We cover Caucasus & Central Asia countries

The Azerbaijan office of Amrop is responsible for countries in both the Caucasus and Central Asia as well.

We are able to lead search projects in Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan with the same level of service as a result of consultants' long history and broad network in these countries.  


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8Access to Azerbaijan & CCA country executives abroad

Our global database contains millions of resumes from all around the world, enabling us to find Azerbaijani and other CCA executives who have relocated and are now seeking to return to their home country.



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9Serving Azerbaijani firms in other countries

Azerbaijani businesses have had considerable success expanding their operations to a variety of countries during the past years, including Turkey, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Qatar, the United Kingdom, Romania, the Netherlands, Switzerland and more. Because of our global network of offices, we are able to consistently deliver excellent support to local organizations, no matter where they are located.

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10Identifying senior expats through its 65+ global offices

Due to the fact that Azerbaijan and other Caucasus & Central Asian countries have been independent for 30 years, many sectors may require far more expertise than they currently possess. In this and other instances, corporations may necessitate the addition of senior-level executives to their teams, regardless of their country.

Amrop Azerbaijan is available to assist clients with their expatriate recruitment needs through its global network of more than 65 offices.

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11International quality & standards

Amrop Global clients are both multinational corporate companies besides local growth champions. In order to serve its clients with the same service level, Amrop follow the international and local standards in every office where it locates.


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12We keep our fingers on the pulse of industry

Amrop's all executive search consultants get together on a monthly to quarterly basis in their respective Consumer & Retail, Digital, Energy & Infrastructure, Financial Services, Industrial, Life Sciences, Transportation, Shipping & Logistics and etc. practice groups.



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