Leading the Change Process

Leading the change process implies identifying an experienced and operational manager. As a top-level, operational executive, they must be able to immediately focus all their efforts on their transition leadership assignment. If you are looking for a general manager to open a new subsidiary, a financial director to prepare the acquisition of a business, or a human resources director to manage a merger, Amrop is there to help you find the transition expert with the right profile.

Not only must the interim manager demonstrate proven expertise, they must also be a good communicator and an inspirational leader for their teams. Considering the urgency of the recruitment process, we guarantee that the candidate will be able to quickly settle into their new position and work with their team

In a globalized economy, Interim Management encompasses all business players, from SMEs to multinational corporations.

In response to this rapid growth, Amrop Azerbaijan is devising targeted solutions in an increasingly intermediated sector.

The Role of an Interim Manager

They are seen as providing critical support and targeted expertise during a major corporate transformation: crisis management, restructuring, implementing a job saving plan, merger or acquisition, etc.

Throughout their assignment, which may last one or two years, the interim manager becomes part of your team via an umbrella company or through a specialized firm such as ours, which will assign them to their clients. 

The Ideal Profile

The interim manager has a distinctly senior profile and is simultaneously

A leader

The interim manager must have the skills to rally together and motivate employees and make them feel secure. Simply put, they are a leader.

A good communicator

Interim management involves identifying what is expected in the shortest possible time and knowing how to convey the right messages.

A flexible counterpart

Businesses are often faced with a sense of urgency, which requires the Interim Manager to be highly flexible to be operational in next to no time.

They respond to a defined problem (industrial, financial, human resources, logistics, information systems management, etc.) within a defined time frame. They do not aim to become a long-term player in the company and must quickly understand and adapt to the company’s culture and if necessary, change their strategy.

How we see Interim Management

So when we speak of change, we are talking about people! 

Amrop has developed a method that we place at your disposal to give you access to the finest executives who can manage complex and strategic operations.

Amrop is by your side throughout every step of your transformation process. Our partners are “client oriented” and thoroughly understand the challenges you face. They form the backbone of the firm-client-manager relationship.

Our Interim Management assignments mainly concern top and middle management: operational executives of the board of directors, executives of the executive committee or positions associated with governance bodies.

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