Evolving Azerbaijan

Over the previous decade, Azerbaijan as a country has reached a new level of maturity. Due to the fact that Azerbaijan is a 30-year-old country, organizations may require c-suite or director-level expats in certain circumstances, such as: They do not exist in the country, they are scarce to headhunt or they require more experienced executives who have managed large markets/projects to gain a competitive edge.


The Need for Expatriates

The requirement for expatriates varies from organization to organization. In the majority of instances in our region, firms require more indsutry experienced executives from high-competition, low-margin markets.

How We See Expat Recruitment

It is true that structural and maturity level changes are occurring, particularly in significant local organizations in Azerbaijan and in regional countries as well. The sectors of Telecommunications, FMCG, Retail, Distribution, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Banking and Consumer Goods Production are anticipated to witness ongoing intensification of competition and notable level of transition. This projection comes from their intrinsic connections with the Business-to-Consumer sphere. When we discuss transformation, we are talking about people!

A young country with only 30 years under its belt, especially while its dependence on the natural resources has been reduced over the past decade, means that the market has not "produced" a sufficient number of capable executives for the market.

To close this gap in Azerbaijan, Caucasus & Central Asia, Amrop's 65+ offices are available to conduct executive searches for expatriate C-suite and director-level professionals.



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