Adapting to Challenges

More than ever, the Financial Services sector requires leaders who can quickly adapt to change and understand how to deal with the global pressures of the financial crisis and its aftermath. Doing so while maintaining high profitability and positive image of the companies they work for is key.

With its large and stable economy, a triple A-ranking, as well as its ideal location in the heart of Europe, Germany offers a great financial infrastructure. Overall, financial and insurance companies contribute almost €120 bn to the German GDP, and the German banking industry owns assets with a volume of around €8.4 bn.

Due to the high economic attractiveness, its international reputation, and the access to the European Union (EU) single market and its 400mn consumers, the financial industry continues to attract talent from Germany and abroad. In Germany, 3% of all employees, around 1mn people, work in the sector.

Frankfurt’s renowned financial hub connects German, European and international institutions, especially, with the European Central Bank (EZB) being in Frankfurt near more than 200 domestic and international banks, the German stock exchange AG, branches of other foreign central banks, the BaFin, as well as an industry network of consulting and financial services companies, investment, accountancy, and law firms.

Our Focus & Approach

AmropCivitas has recruited executives at every level and position within the Financial Services industry in Germany. From Presidents, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, CIOs at:

  • Insurance companies
  • Retail banks
  • Corporate banks
  • Investment banks
  • Private equity.

Using our Context Driven approach to executive search, we find the global-level executives that would find themselves at home in Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Duesseldorf, Stuttgart or Munich, who are an ideal fit for our clients' local requirements / local context. We help inform candidates about our clients' firms, building a comfort level in this crisis environment, and work with you to set expectations and shape the opportunity.

Working closely with our clients, we can help set the foundation for growth that will inevitably follow the end of this part of the business and economic cycle.