Innovating the Innovators

Life Science companies are undergoing a paradigm shift to address transformation in the healthcare landscape that demands the further enhancement of innovative and robust business models.

These must address market pressure on the top line, deliver growth, profitability, and better, more cost-efficient patient outcomes. All in the face of patent expiration, intensifying generic competition and ever-increasing regulatory complexity.

Meanwhile, expansion into emerging markets, alliances and acquisitions continue - while regional macro-economic uncertainties persist.

Our Approach and Focus

The Practice is configured to meet a broad spectrum of demands in the industry – across all industry sectors including private equity owned companies and early-stage life science companies.

AmropCivitas Life Sciences offers dedicated expertise in executive search and talent management to secure Leaders For What’s Next™ – professionals who will enable companies to plan, initiate and execute their objectives with agility, efficiency and sustainability.

Our extensive experience in conducting strategic searches in the sector has equipped us with an unrivalled understanding of its multiple opportunities and challenges.

Relentlessly context driven, we utilize our understanding of the specific needs and goals of each client to identify and attract the most high-performing and successful individuals.

We deliver solutions in the following sub-sectors:
We deliver solutions in the following sub-sectors:
1Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical companies are striving for growth through innovation. Yet pressure to deliver better treatment and patient experience outcomes at lower prices will be sustained. And generic competition will continue to cannibalize branded sales.

The rising cost of healthcare is increasing the importance of the payor’s role and stake in decision-making. New products are assessed on the basis of demonstrable economic impact and patient experience effectiveness in comparison to generic alternatives.

Our Executive Search and talent management services to secure the professionals critical to ensuring that product concepts meet current and future market expectations and gain optimal access.

2Medical Devices and Diagnostics

The global market is promising for medical device and diagnostics manufacturers - provided they manage rising regulatory complexity and demonstrate distinctive product value to payors.

Our dedicated Executive Search solutions secure the professionals critical to ensuring that market and system concepts will meet current and future purchaser expectations and gain optimal market access.

3Healthcare Services and Academic Institutions

Healthcare is now the world’s largest industry. Increased life expectancy and improved quality of life have created unprecedented macro-economic challenges. Authorities are seeking ways to improve efficiencies to control the spiralling costs associated with caring for a growing population.

The focus: to create better clinical outcomes at a lower cost and optimize patient experience.

Our dedicated Executive Search solutions to secure the professionals critical to reshaping strategy, operations, and governance and transforming care delivery services.

4Early Stage Companies

In their early stages of growth, companies need cost-effective development and commercialization but lack the luxury of large teams to support the big decisions and developments ahead. Tenure and experience are needed to allow the organization to act globally and exercise agility with limited resources.

Our Executive Search solutions secure the professionals critical to ensuring that discovery and development work efficiently with business development, commercial, access and pricing so that final products meet current and future market expectations and gain optimal access and acceptance in the global market.